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How do I get to the boat  if I am arriving by plane?

If you are arriving by plane, you are responsible for your transfer to the port of embarkation or to the first overnight port. Of course, you can book your transfer from the airport to the ship and vice versa as a separate service with I.D. Riva Tours. Then, you do not have to take care of anything, and we will transfer you from the airport directly to your boat.


How is the organization in the port?

Upon your arrival at the port of embarkation, our representatives will welcome you and will show you where to find your boat. Our luggage porters will help you to bring aboard your luggage.


Where can I leave my car during the cruise?

In all ports of embarkation, we will gladly arrange secure parking lots for you.


How much luggage may I take aboard?

Generally, there is no limit. But you should keep in mind that the space in the cabins is restricted and that there are no storerooms aboard. And as there is no dress code, you can leave formal clothing like evening gowns and tuxedos at home.


What is the difference between lower, main and upper deck?

The differences are illustrated in the picture on the right. By the way, cabins on the lower deck are at least partly above the water line. When making your reservation, you may choose between cabins on deck or cabins below deck (subject to availability). Please note that with booking of a cabin on deck, the cabin could be located either on the main or on the upper deck of the vessel. Preferences regarding a certain deck are not subject to prior confirmation.


What about air ventilation aboard?

The cabins on the lower deck are provided with air ventila- tion ducts. Additionally, all cabins have got portholes which partly can be opened at calm sea. In the cabins on the main or upper deck, you can usually leave the cabin door a bit open and lock it in this position. Some cabins on the main or upper deck have got an additional porthole.


What about air ventilation aboard?

The cabins on the lower deck are provided with air ventilation ducts. Additionally, all cabins have got portholes which partly can be opened at calm sea. In the cabins on the main or upper deck, you can usually leave the cabin door a bit open and lock it in this position. Some cabins on the main or upper deck have got an additional porthole.


Is there enough shade aboard?

Of course, there is enough shade aboard. Usually, bigger vessels have got a covered part at the stern on the main deck, apart from that, parts of the sundeck are protected by a canvas cover.


Are your cruises only for younger people?

Surely not. The guests on our cruises are mainly between 25 and 70 years old, sometimes even older. But please be aware that you should be able to move without other’s assistance, especially regarding narrow alleyways and steep stairs.


Is a cruise suitable for children?

Of course it is. And without any doubt, it is a great experience for children. Because of the special conditions aboard, we recommend our cruises for children at least at school age, and they should definitely be able to swim.


Will our children have companion of the same age aboard?

It is impossible to exactly answer this question. Off sea - son you should not count too much on children aboard. But during the school holidays, you certainly will meet children aboard, especially on boats with triple cabins.


Do I have to stay always within the group aboard?

No, you do not have to. Our boats are big enough so that you will always find a quiet place for yourself, e.g. to read a book.


Are the guides aboard permanently?

On our “Island Hopping by Bicycle” and hiking cruises as well as on the “Active & Cappuccino” itineraries, a tour guide will accompany you during the entire cruise. During the regular cruises (except DD, DZ and ZD), there are no guides aboard. Sightseeing tours and excursions as per itinerary, are guided by local guides. With chartering one of our boats, you have the possibility to book a guide for the duration of the cruise (subject to surcharge).


Are the boats sailing at night?

No, we are sailing at daylight only. During the night, the boats will moor in ports or coves.


Are there towels aboard?

For your convenience, towels are provided on all our ves- sels (2 towels per person upon arrival). You are kindly requested to bring your own beach towels.


Is there bed linen aboard?

Of course, at your arrival the beds are made up for you.


Is it allowed to sleep outside on deck?

Of course, it is allowed. Many of our guests have already discovered that it is a unique experience to spend the night in the fresh air, under the sparkling Mediterranean stars.


Does the air conditioning run constantly?

No, it does not. The air conditioning is working only when the ship’s engine or the power engine is running, or when the ship is connected to the power supply ashore. When staying overnight in secluded coves or in fishermen’s villages without connection for power supply, the air conditioning is mainly switched off. In some harbours, the electrical supply may be too weak to distribute enough power to multiple ships with air conditioning.


Which is the most beautiful itinerary?

It is very difficult to answer this question. Each of our itineraries has its own, unique charme. In this brochure, you will find 28 different routes, and we have done our best to make each single itinerary a unique and memorable cruising experience. If you are chartering one of our boats, you will be very flexible regarding the composition of your route, and for sure we have more than 100 ideas for you…


Will there be enough time during the cruise for swimming?

Of course, our boats are dropping anchor every day in the most beautiful coves, which are inviting for a swim.


Who decides on the route when chartering a boat?

The routes within Croatian territorial waters can be discussed individually. Just tell us your ideas and wishes, and together with the captain and our team on the spot, we will plan your personal itinerary, in advance.


Which meals are included with “Half board plus”?

“Half board plus” comprises breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. The half board plus service starts with a lunch snack on the day of arrival, as soon as embarkation is completed. Later on, dinner will be served. Furthermore, a captain’s dinner is held once per voyage.


What’s for eats?

For breakfast, coffee and tea, bread, butter and jam are served. Partly, you will get cold cuts, cheese, eggs or yoghurt as well. The main dishes (lunch and/or dinner) consist of soups or starters, meat or fish with side dishes and salad, and dessert or fruit. Specific characteristics for “Island Hopping by Bicycle”, “Hiking Cruises”, and the “Yoga Cruise” you will find on the information pages under “The Food”.


Is it allowed to bring own beverages aboard?

No, it is not allowed to bring your own beverages aboard. Should you, how- ever, wish to bring your own beverages for onboard consumption, this needs to be arranged with the captain in advance. A corkage fee applies.


How much are drinks on board?

The prices of beverages are usually lower than in hotels, they can be com- pared with cafés and pubs. The average price is € 1,50 for 0.5 litre of mineral water, € 2 for soft drinks, € 2 for 0.3 litre of beer, and the price for a bottle of wine starts at € 15.


Wie hoch sind die durchschnittlichen Getränkekosten?

Die Getränkepreise liegen meist unter denen in den Hotels und lassen sich eher mit Cafés und Kneipen vergleichen. Als Orientierungspreise gelten zum Beispiel ca. 1,50 € für 0,5 l Mineralwasser und ca. 2 € für Softdrinks, ca. 2 € für 0,3 l Bier vom Fass und ab ca. 15 € für eine Flasche Wein.


What is the difficulty level of active cruises?

Our active routes, “Island Hopping by Bicycle”, “Hiking cruises” and “Active & Cappuccino”, are adapted to the physical fitness of people who use to do recreational cycling and hiking in their free time. To learn more about the levels of difficulty of our bicycle tours, please check the tour profiles. With the hiking tour, we quoted the hiking time as well as the altitude differences for ascents and descents.


Does it make sense to take someone along on a bike & boat cruise, who does not intend to participate in the cycling tours?

Of course, you can book your cruise together, even if only one person participates in the bicycle tours. The “non-cycling” person may stay aboard during the bicycle tours. The cruise price will not change, however.


Is it possible to rent bicycle helmets?

When renting one of our bicycles (included in the price of our bicycle cruises), we will give you a helmet free of charge. Please advise with your booking if you require a helmet. Of course you may also bring your own. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that all of our participants wear a bicycle helmet.


Does the crew speak English?

Of course, most of the crew members do not speak English perfectly, but communication will always be possible.


Which charges and expenses do I have to count with?

Upon embarkation, sojourn tax and groundage is due to be paid (as indi- cated in the price list). Furthermore, entrance fees to national parks and nature parks (according to the itinerary) are subject to be paid on the spot, as well as beverages and optional dinners aboard.


Is it possible to pay with credit cards aboard?

No, payments with credit cards are not possible aboard. Our captains accept, besides Croatian kunas, euros, US dollars and Swiss franks.


Where can I exchange money?

Generally, you can exchange money at every port of call in banks, post offices or exchange offices. Furthermore, you can withdraw cash (Croatian kunas) with credit cards from ATMs almost everywhere.


How does a typical day aboard look like?

Breakfast from 8:00 until 9:00 am, afterwards we weigh anchor and set sail. Around noon we will moor in a cove and have the occasion for a swim. At 1:00 pm, the captain will strike the bell for lunch. After lunch, there is plenty of time left to enjoy another refreshing dip or to take a nap. In the after- noon, we will head for our today’s destination, which we will reach in the late afternoon. The rest of the day is at your disposal – take a walk through the place, have a drink in a café, or stop for a bite to eat in one of the restau- rants. Or follow the recommendation of your captain, if you like to have din- ner aboard. Afterwards, you still have plenty of time for convivial gathering ashore or aboard…

Of course, this “typical day” is just an example. A lot depends on the exact itinerary of the route, respectively on your personal demands during the cruise.

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