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MS Orion MS Orion MS Orion MS Orion MS Orion MS Orion MS Orion
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The great-grandfathers of Boris Koludrović, captain of the Orion, transported wine and other goods from Dalmatia to Trieste and Venice, using only the power of sails and oars. Boris’ father Ante was one of the pioneers of the today’s cruises. Boris learned to work in tourism business from his father, on the ship as well as on land. He absolved an apprenticeship as a chef and, spending many winters in Germany, he learned to speak German fluently. Thanks to his great knowledge and experience, he takes over multiple tasks on the Orion: host, guide, captain and chef – all at the same time, and even if he does not cook himself anymore, he always keeps a watchful eye over the pots and pans

General data: Length 25.30 m, built in 1907, renovated in 1986. 22 beds in 11 cabins with washbasin.

Lower deck: 11 twin cabins with bunk beds. Air conditioning in the cabin alleyway.

Other: 2 showers, 2 toilets with washbasin. Sun deck (80 m 2 ) with 10 deck chairs, tables with benches on deck for 22 guests, saloon for 24 guests.

Transport type:

Technische Daten

max. Passengers Lenght (m) Width (m) HP Speed
22 Passengers 25.30 5.20 200 PS 8.0 kn

Motor sailer MS Orion
Standard Class

Port of embarkationRijeka
Lenght (m)/Width (m)25.30/5.20
Sun deck (m²)80
Twin/double cabins11
traditional wooden boat
ideal for charter
Captain MS OrionCaptain Boris Koludrović MS Orion

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