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After years of success with vacation cruises, Arsen Ercegović (former captain of MS Orkan) and his family decided to build a completely new ship. Thus, a few years ago, the Columbo was built – an extremely comfortable boat with a steel hull. At that time, Arsen and his sons, as well as experienced shipbuilders spent their time at the shipyard over the entire winter and spring. The new vessel should leave no guest wishes unfulfilled, this was the main goal they focused on; and seeing all the satisfied guests in the past years, it became obvious that the Ercegović family did a fantastic job. The year of 2014 marked a new milestone to their history – both Karlo and Paško already hold the captain’s license, while their younger brother Roko is well on his way to becoming captain as well. Last spring, they sold the MS Orkan and at the same time, they decided to build another new ship – the MY Mystic. While Karlo and Paško are responsible for the Columbo, starting from summer 2015, Arsen and Roko are steering the family’s brand-new vessel.

General data: Length 35 m, built in 2009. 37 beds in 17 cabins with shower/toilet and individually controllable air conditioning.

Lower deck: 6 double cabins with queen-size bed, 2 triple cabins with queen-size bed and a separate 3rd bed.

Main deck: 4 twin cabins with sep- arate beds.

Upper deck: 4 twin cabins with separate beds, 1 triple cabin with queen-size bed and a separate 3rd bed.

Other: 1 shower/toilet. Sun deck (120 m 2 ) with 20 deck chairs, tables with benches and chairs on deck for approx. 25 people, bathing platform with shower at the stern, air conditioned saloon for 41 guests.

Cabins for single use without surcharge!
On some of our ships, double or twin cabins for single use can be booked without surcharge! For each further cabin for single use, a surcharge of 50% applies.

Transport type:

Technische Daten

max. Passengers Lenght (m) Width (m) HP Speed
37 Passengers 35.00 7.65 500 PS 10.0 kn

Motor sailer MS Columbo
Premium Class

Port of embarkationTrogir
Lenght (m)/Width (m)35.00/7.65
Sun deck (m²)120
Beaching platform
Twin/double cabins14
Triple cabins3
Cabins with Shower / toilte
Cabins with Air conditioning
comfortable steel ship
traditional line
bathing platform
From 2018, Capetan Ivica Rakuljić from Krilo Jesenice will be at the helm of Columbo, a captain with over 30 years experience in the seafaring industry.

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