Croatia Cruise, on the route R1 by the Kvarner islands

1 week Kvarner Islands from Rijeka / Sightseeing cruises
Route R1
Mali LosinjA station of Croatia cruise route R1 is the port of Mali Lošinj on its namesake island Lošinj.

Saturday: Rijeka – Island Krk

From 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, boarding time in the port of Rijeka. If you arrive by your own car, you can proceed to the port already from 10:00 am. Our service-team will lead you to the garage where you can leave your car. Of course, they will also bring you back to the port. After embarkation, our representatives will welcome you aboard with a drink and you will meet the crew and your fellow passengers. After a lunch snack “Cast off!”, heading towards the island of Krk. We will moor in a bay to dive for the first time into the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea. Then we continue on to Krk, the capital of the island, or Punat, where we will moor for the night.

Sunday: Insel Krk – Island Rab

After breakfast, we set off for the next island – Rab. After about two hours, we will drop anchor in a romantic bay – here you will have plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing. We will reach the town of Rab in the late afternoon. A guide will await us to take us on a guided walk. The old town of Rab, with its impressive bell towers, stretches around a narrow, rocky promontory, flanked by water. Three streets pass through the old town – the “Lower Street” (Donja Ulica) with cafés and pubs, the “Middle Street” (Srednja Ulica) with boutiques, souvenir shops and ice cream parlours, and the “Upper Street” (Gornja Ulica), which leads to the four churches with their bell towers. Overnight stay in Rab.

Monday: Island Rab – Island Dugi Otok

We continue to the south. Our today’s destination is the island of Dugi Otok. Dugi Otok, which means “Long Island”, is named after its shape – it is 45 km long and only a few hundred metres wide. The majority of the islanders live and work in Zadar, therefore in low tourist season it is very quiet on the island locations, while you can expect typical Mediterranean bustle on weekends, when the locals return to their hometowns. Before entering one of the island’s ports for our overnight stay, we will anchor in one of the many coves, to take a refreshing swim.

Tuesday: Island Dugi Otok – Natio-nalpark Kornati–Zadar-archipelago

Surely the highlight of our trip! According to the Irish author George Bernard Shaw (who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925), ”On the last day of creation, God crowned his work, and thus created, out of tears, stars and breath, the Kornati Islands”. The beautiful scenery, countless small and large islands (according to local lore “an island for every day of the year”), and the beau- tiful sea – all this makes the Kornati Islands a unique paradise. It is the largest and most dense archipelago in the Adriatic Sea – it comprises 147 islands, islets and reefs, with a total area of 69 km 2 , spread over 230 km 2 . They cover an area of 35 km of length and 13 km of width among the islands of Dugi Otok in the north-west, Žirje in the southeast, and Pašman, Vrgada and Murter in the north and northeast. From Sali we will head towards the “Proversa”, a narrow passage between the islands of Dugi Otok and Kornat, which is the entrance to the unique National Park. Passing countless, mostly uninhabited, islets we will reach the island of Mana, which on one side gently slopes into the sea, while on the other side it is marked by high cliffs. The ruins at the highest point of the island are not remains of historic times, but scenes of the movie “As the Sea Rages”, filmed here in the late 1950s, starring Maria Schell. In the afternoon, we will cruise towards north and anchor in one of the fishing villages of the Zadar archipelago – Dragove, Zverinac, Ist, or Molat.

Wednesday: Zadar archipelago – Island Lošinj

We head towards the island of Lošinj, which is not only known for its 300 cloudless or only slightly clouded sunny days per year, but also for being covered by dense pine forests. With a bit of luck, we will maybe spot dolphins playing in the waves; in the waters around the island of Lošinj, there are more than 160 dolphins registered by the “Adriatic Dolphin Project”. After a swimming break, we will reach Mali Lošinj, where we will spend the evening and the night.

Thursday: Island Lošinj – Island Cres

Today we will sail to the neighbouring island of Cres, which is connected to Lošinj by a pivot bridge in Osor. The striking feature of the island are the endless olive groves and the innumerable flocks of sheep. Need - less to say, that roast lamb is one of the specialties of the island of Cres. After the obligatory swimming break, we will head towards the picturesque town of Cres, where we will stay for the night.

Friday: Island Cres – Rijeka

Time to say goodbye to the Croatian islands: from Cres we will cruise along the eastern shoreline of Istria to Rijeka – not without taking one last dip into the sea. Overnight stay in the port of Rijeka.

Saturday: Disembarkation

After breakfast, disembarkation until 9:00 am.

About half of the ships follow the route in reverse order: Rijeka – Cres – Mali Lošinj – Zadar archipelago – Kornati Islands National Park – Dugi Otok – Rab – Krk – Rijeka

Croatia Cruises Route R1

Motoryacht My Vita on Croatia Cruises Route R1 ex Rijeka

Motoryacht My Vita on Croatia Cruises Route R1 ex Rijeka


Services included

8-day cruise according to the itinerary
half board (including dinner on embarkation day, and breakfast and lunch or dinner on the following days of your cruise). On some boats full board is offered – please check the price list for more information.
lunch snack on embarkation day
Captain’s Dinner
English and German speaking representatives during embarkation and disembarkation
guided city tour of Rab
entrance fee to the Kornati Islands National Park

Croatia Cruises Route R1

Stations of the cruise route R1

Nationalpark Kornati-Islands | island ManaNationalpark Kornati-Islands | Island Mana

Der Hafen CresThe port of Cres


RabRab, Island Rab

KrkKrk, Island Krk

Timetable 2022 Route R1 and Ships

Ship   AprilMaiJuniJuliAugustSeptemberOktober
MS Albatros HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MY Alpha HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Aria HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Kapetan Kuka HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Maček HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Orion HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Otac Luka HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Planka HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Poseidon HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MY Suzana HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Sveti Vid HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MY Vita HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip
MS Zelenbor HP ShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShipShip

price comparison Route R1 / Ships 2022*

S. Lower deck A B C D E Deck A B C D E
Ships Board check Lower deck Deck
MS Albatros HP
Lower deck 499 599 699 749 799 Deck 649 749 849 899 949
MY Alpha HP
Lower deck 649 775 925 999 1049 Deck 849 975 1125 1199 1249
MS Aria HP
Lower deck 575 689 799 875 925 Deck 750 864 974 1050 1100
MS Kapetan Kuka HP
Lower deck 449 549 649 699 749 Deck 549 649 749 799 849
MS Maček HP
Lower deck 549 649 749 825 875 Deck 699 799 899 975 1025
MS Orion HP
Lower deck 299 399 499 525 549 Deck
MS Otac Luka HP
Lower deck 475 575 675 725 775 Deck
MS Planka HP
Lower deck 449 549 649 699 749 Deck 519 619 719 769 819
MS Poseidon HP
Lower deck 449 549 649 699 749 Deck 549 649 749 799 849
MY Suzana HP
Lower deck 649 775 925 999 1049 Deck 849 975 1125 1199 1249
MS Sveti Vid HP
Lower deck Deck 519 619 719 769 819
MY Vita HP
Lower deck 599 725 875 949 999 Deck 774 900 1050 1124 1174
MS Zelenbor HP
Lower deck 439 539 639 679 729 Deck

Travel by bus or airplane can be booked optional.

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Discounts / Surcharges 2022 Route R1

Children‘s reduction up to 14 years (not valid for charter)
1 adult + 1 child in a double or twin cabin 30 %
1 adult + 2 children in a triple cabin 30 %
2 adults + 1 child in a triple cabin 30 %
Reduction for the 3rd person when booking a triple cabin for 3 adults 20 %
Reduction when bringing your own bicycle with you on the routes RB, RK , RC, TD, TV, TC, ZB & ZC 45 €
.Surcharge for double or twin cabin for single use* 50 %
Shared twin cabin on the routes RB, RK, RC, RY, TD, TV, TC, ZB, ZC & ZW 50 %
Supplement 1. Single cabin free, each additional single cabin with surcharge. 50 %
Surcharge for E-Bike on the routes RB, RK, RC, TD, TV, TC, ZB & ZC (Booking on request) 130 €
The prices do not include sojourn taxes (€ 7) and groundage (€ 14). The total amount of € 21 per week and per person (children up to 12 years: € 10) is payable upon embarkation.
*)All prices in €. p.P., Errors and omissions excepted. For exact price calculation and booking please click on "not binding price calculation" or "check availability" of the particular route.