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MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka MS Otac Luka
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Many fascinating stories are being told about this ship – apparently even the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef was a guest on the Otac Luka. Steered by the experienced hands of Captain Marin Mladin (also known as Čičak, in English “limpet”, because of his beard) and his son Marin, the ship has sailed, rejuvenated and maintained, through the islands of the northern Adriatic. Numerous guests have confirmed that they would gladly return to the Otac Luka, as it is an absolutely charming and beautiful ship. Due to the smaller size, the Otac Luka provides a perfect and unique atmosphere for smaller groups of friends or families. The MS Otac Luka is one of our most favourite vessels for boat-charters. Marin & Marin, the most important members of the staff, will do their best to fulfill all your desires. Whether you would like to have speakers on sun deck to listen to your favourite rhythms or you would like to have a private party in a secluded bay, they will make it possible.

General data: Length 21.5 m, built in 1887, renovated in 1995. 16 beds in 8 cabins with washbasin.

Lower deck: 8 twin cabins with bunk beds. Air conditioning in the cabin alleyway.

Other: 4 showers/toilet. Sun deck (55 m 2 ), table with benches on deck for about 8-10 guests, saloon for 16 guests.

Transport type:

Technische Daten

max. Passengers Lenght (m) Width (m) HP Speed
10 Passengers 21.50 5.00 200 PS 7.5 kn

Motor sailer MS Otac Luka
Standard Class

Port of embarkationRijeka
Lenght (m)/Width (m)21.50/5.00
Sun deck (m²)55
Twin/double cabins2
Triple cabins2
Cabins with Shower / toilte
Cabins with Air conditioning
small, charming wooden boat
ideal for charter
pirate cruise ambience
Captain MS Otac Luka Captain Marin Mladin MS Otac Luka

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